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If you find these writings valuable to your thinking and your work, I invite you to make a contribution to the Stephanie Pace Marshall Endowment to Ignite Innovation in care of the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education by clicking on the IMSA Fund Logo at the right. At the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) we work to conceive, design, develop, demonstrate and evaluate innovative materials and programs in mathematics and science teaching and learning that ignite the goodness and genius of all children. To find out more about the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, please see


A Letter To My Grandchildren
An Afterword from her book: Stephanie Pace Marshall. The Power To Transform: Leadership That Brings Learning and Schooling to Life, (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2006) pages 212-214.


The Real Story
Stephanie Pace Marshall


Mind-Shaping is World-Shaping: Mindful Media as an Agent of World Benefit
Images & Voices of Hope, Oct 2011.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Loving the World and Our Children Enough. Nurturing Decidedly Different Scientific Minds, by Design
Invited keynote speech delivered at the Fourth Advanced International Colloquium on Building the Scientific Mind: Learning for Sustainable Futures.
Learning Development Institute. Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7-11 Mar 2011.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Discovering and Developing Diverse STEM Talent: Enabling Academically Talented Urban Youth to Flourish
Gifted Child Today. 34.1 (2011): 1-23.
Stephanie Pace Marshall, Glenn W. McGee, Eric McLaren, and Catherine C. Veal.

How Design Can Get Kids On the Path to Tech Careers: A Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, the Founder of a New Type of Science and Math Academy
Fast Company's Co.Design. Mansueto Ventures, LLC, 23 Dec 2010.
Trung Le

Re-imagining Specialized STEM Academies: Igniting and Nurturing Decidedly Different Minds, by Design
Roeper Review: A Journal On Gifted Education, (7 Jan. 2010) 32:1, p. 48-60.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

STEM Talent: Moving Beyond Traditional Boundaries
Science News, Vol. 177, #1 (2 January 2010): p. 36.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Igniting and Nurturing the Next Generation of STEM Talent, Innovation and Leadership, by Design  Expert Panel Discussion on Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators.
Arlington: National Science Foundation, 24-25 Aug 2009.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Programs and Services for Gifted Secondary Students: A Guide to Recommended Practices. (2009):
pages vii-ix.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Blessed Unrest: The Power of Unreasonable People to Change the World
NCSSSMST Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 2 (spring 2008): pages 8-14.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Beyond Competition: Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Educating the Whole Child: The Real Story of Wholeness and Belonging
Stephanie Pace Marshall

A Letter From the Commission Co-Chairs in The Learning Compact Redefined: A Call to Action ASCD Commission on the Whole Child, March 2007.
Stephanie Pace Marshall and Hugh B. Price

A Decidedly Different Mind
SHIFT: At the Frontiers of Consciousness, Sept.-Nov., 2005; p. 10.15.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

The Learning Story of the Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy
Invited paper delivered at the Presidential Session of the AECT International Conference, Denver, CO, Oct, 2000.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

A New Story of Learning and Schooling
The School Administrator, December, 1999; p. 31-33.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Creating Pioneers for an Unknown Land: Education for the Future
NASSP Bulletin, May, 1998; p.48-55.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Creating Conditions for The Developing and Nurturing Talent: The Work of School Leaders
NASSP Bulletin, February, 1998; p. 75-84.
Stephanie Pace Marshall; Martin Ramirez; Kathy Plinske; Catherine Veal

Does Education and Training Get in the Way of Learning?
Delivered to the Royal Society on January 15, 1997, and synopsis published for the RSA Journal, March, 1997; London, England.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Creating Sustainable Learning Communities for the Twenty-First Century
In F. Hesselbein, M. Goldsmith, and R. Beckhard, eds., The Organization of the Future, published by the Drucker Foundation, 1997; p. 177-188.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

The Vision, Meaning, and Language of Educational Transformation
The School Administrator, January, 1995; p. 8-15.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

Our Gifted Children: Are They Asking Too Much?
Gifted Child Quarterly, Volume 38, No. 4, Fall, 1994; p. 187-192.
Stephanie Pace Marshall

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