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My whole life has been centered in learning. Over the past four decades, the focus of my work has been grounded in seeking to understand what I must learn to answer one fundamental question:

“What would it take to create a generative and life-affirming system of learning and schooling that liberates the goodness and genius of all children and invites and nurtures the power and creativity of the human spirit for the world?”

This question holds enormous power for me. I believe that when generative and life-affirming conditions are created by design, and our children are invited to meaningfully engage in and experience great learning, the quality and wisdom of their minds will astonish us and the creative power of their dreams can transform the world.

As you browse through this website and the books, articles and reflections offered, my hope is that you will re-connect to what you have already come to know about learning and schooling. I invite you to re-claim your voice and lead in the creation of a new landscape of learning and schooling that reconnects our children’s learning to life and creates learning systems that liberate their goodness and genius for the world. Now is not the time for a new learning theory. Now is the time for a new learning story. Individually and together we can become new storytellers and bring this new story to life. I welcome you as a partner in this new work.

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